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Vickie Aboumrad
“Understanding the relationship between an owner and their pet encourages ideas,” says Vickie, design and coloring comes from the spirit of an animal. ”It’s an exciting challenge to portray my subjects as themselves.”

Her art is a spiritual synergy between her most fervent passions: painting, and her deep love for animals. Vickie’s artistic process began as a child during frequent stays at her grandparents’ country compound along the Sacramento River Delta. The scent of linseed oil was prevalent in her grandmother’s studio where painted canvases were left to dry on the sleeping porch. To step out into the marine breeze brought on the aromas of wildflowers, the chicken coop, and horse barn. To Vickie, it was as if the sun never set on the Delta, but merely deepened intensity from pastel hues to jewel tones and starry skies. Vickie took this as inspiration, and went on to study art at San Diego State University, majoring in Visual Art and Graphic Design.

Vickie’s artistic talents have been devoted to helping her community become a more beautiful place. Over the years living and active in Livermore’s panorama, she has donated graphic arts services toward the local schools and charitable organizations. And she has raised hope, painting large-scale murals to brighten the lives of those unable to leave their homes.

Vickie relies on her intuition and heart to render any subject on canvas. Studying with Engela Wilson, at the Bothwell studios since 2014, Vickie’s more recent work—paintings of animals— highlight her gentle spirit. Working mainly with acrylics, her art is characterized by vibrant colors, and bold compositions. Vickie’s personal affection with all creatures is mirrored in the eyes of the animals she paints.Lately, her painting has reached beyond her own brood that includes two adorable dogs, her loving equine soul mate, and several tortoises and fish. Now her primary source of inspiration comes from her community, where she draws her subjects from her extended circle of friends.

Vickie enjoys the spiritual connection she makes with each creature getting to know them through interviews and stories told to her by the owners, before she begins a project.

The result of Vickie’s core understanding and bond with her subject is an original interpretation. An animal’s personal whimsy is evident in her compositions. At other times, Vickie’s paintings capture a moment when an animal is less how they seem to us, but as they truly are.

Awards and Events
Livemore Art Association
Spring Show 2017 & 2018
Best Face Forward Art Show - Bankhead Theater 2018
Livermore Valley
Performing Arts Center
2016 Alameda County Fair Fine Arts
Exhibit Finalist
2016 Unleashed Art Show
Avianne Academy of Arts,
Best in Show and
Artist of the Year
2016 Raw/Cooked Art Show
Livermore Bankhead Theater
2016 Livermore Art
Association Spring Show
2016 Feeling Good Art Show
Livermore Bankhead Theater
Birds of a Feather Art Exhibit
Livermore Valley
Performing Arts Center
Alameda County Fair Fine Arts
Exhibition 2015
Exhibit Finalist
Livemore Art Association Spring Show 2015
Honorable Mention
Contact Vickie

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