but I have finally aquired one again but it has been stuck in a way to small pot and is really tall. In case you’re using tap water, let it sit overnight to eliminate the chlorine. What should I do with this stem? As I said the propagation part was easy as pie! Once I got it home I mixed up some root starter and placed it in that for a few days then switched it to fresh water. I’ve looked for this for awhile thank you Janette. Some leaves turning yellow now. If you do decide to prune, wait until it gets a tad warmer, like 70 degrees or so, since he’ll be able to recover better. While both a moss pole and a plain wooden stake will give the plant a support to grow vertically (and as monsteras grow vertically their leaves get larger and with more holes), unlike a plain wooden stake, a moss pole gives your potted plant something soft for its arial roots to grow into and actually attach to as well as supplying moisture/nutrients to the roots once they start. I actually just wrote a blog post about this! I’ve had my monstera cuttings in water for a few weeks now. You’ll only be able to propagate with a pre-existing node/roots. Yes, it is probably shocked amongst other things. Will it live? Thanks for the great post! Hi Joy, monsteras do not like harsh, direct sunlight so that can definitely be the problem. I would repot them at the end of August, and since September tends to be warm (in the States anyway), that will give the some time to acclimate. Should I transplant it in soil or wait longer? I’m just trying to learn ahead. I feel good about it, but being such a rare find I figured I’d get as much input as possible! I would water once a week and keep it in these conditions – if the stem dies there is still a chance of survival, but it is very dependent on how well you care for it. The leaves will be small for a bit until the cutting becomes established. I noticed where she cut on the senior plant a few months ago hasn’t had any new leaves grow since. Hi Max, It will still be fine. Very interesting article. The new roots are about a half an inch. As far as watering, keep him lightly moist but not soggy. Yes it does! A few factors like this matter but keep patient and you can also leave the water longer – no need to change it that often if no roots are forming. I was the proudest mom in the whole world. any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Good luck! I thought he would die right off. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for this post! I bought a cutting and it is doing good. however, after doing so, the condition of the leaf did not improve and it actually only worsened. I would place it in water actually instead of moss at this point, in a clear jar, so you can monitor and watch root development. There were too stems sort of loose so I grabbed those to take home in hopes they could grow some roots. Hi Janelle! Hi Pam, Cutting a piece that includes the node (the little nub in the photos above) is the crucial part in propagating. Hi Bunny! Hope that helps! So when guides tell me to “find a stem” – well. Can I propagate from down low like that? Swiss cheese plant cuttings are easy to root. I once took a cutting from my mature plant which rooted in a matter of days and another from a younger plant that took months. Hi, Does the plant only have one leaf? To propagate a Monstera you’ll need to cut under the node (see picture). Feel free to send pics to my facebook page too! If you haven’t already, you can read my post about Monty, my Monstera here: https://leafandpaw.com/2017/03/21/indoor-plants-monstera/. If you cut in the right spot (with a node) you should be ok and it will grow new roots. If you want to take it out still, yes, be careful removing the entire plant and roots. Hi Tyler, I do specify that air layering needs to be done on the plant itself until roots form, but I appreciate your feedback! Not sure what to do as I do not see any more baby nodes. Will it eventually bring new leaves where you cut it? Instead you can gently plant them in the soil – that will help the plant get extra water and nutrients. But flash forward to today and both cuttings are thriving! By February, you should be able to replant, just be sure the cutting is in a warm place with lots of humidity (you may need humidifier as winter is drying). It has tons below on the stalk part. Thank you. I have a node that I put and water and it now has roots. But Monty was dominating my living room and I realized I had to do something. Thanks for the great information on Monstera propagation! Congrats! As long as your Monstera isn’t dying or the leaves aren’t drying up/turning black, you should see some root form soon as long as there was a node. They are so gorgeous plants and surely want to become their mommy! The spot where you eventually do the cutting ends up producing and off-shoot stem, which then grow leaves. As long as the node is firm you should be fine, but it there is a funky smell or is it’s mushy and very soft to the touch, you may have a rotted cutting and it may not be salvageable. Hi there, Hi Darci, Thanks! I am sure she will be fine. Do you know how long it would take for a new leaf to grow once the cutting is potted? Mine are in an east window so they get a decent amount of sunlight a day. . I went to the hospital for a very long time and all my plants died. Do look for any blackening on the stem and definitely check for bugs if the mother plant had any infestation. *desperately looking for suggestions / help to revive my plant. There were just two stems/leaves and the one root originally. Because of their age and size, they should be putting out aerial roots that will help anchor them into the ground. Hi, thanks for a great article! Then, 2) As it’s grown into the tree, this Monstera’s root system is pretty strange! You may be tempted to propagate a Monstera with just a leaf. I guess they’re not toxic to cats? Now I realize that I could have planted them in one larger pot and had a bit bushier set up! If you are lucky and you have a flowering Monstera, wait for the fruit to ripen and use the seed from the flower. I see that your beautiful feline is in a lot of pictures with your monstera. I was told and have read that monstera are poisonous for cats. This won’t work, I’ve tried. I would let the cutting sit in a glass jar with water before you plant, for maybe a few weeks. Do I need to stake it or can I just prune to keep it under control? There should be at least 5 chubby white roots. But that growth also presents some problems, because a Monstera can quickly get too big for the available space. To answer your questions: 1) Monsteras are topical and will die below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so I recommend putting outdoors in spring/summer/fall and bringing in during winter only. I’d like to have two cuttings to trim it back and give away to friends and trying to figure out the best way to do that. Hi Anna, I’ve done both. Yes, I would try the water method. 2)You should be fine, as it sounds like a very mature and healthy plant. Hi there. In a month or two you should start to see some roots. That’s as long as the mother plant is established enough first and healthy. Hi Karl! I can add that yes! 2. You can try to propagate on the plant itself, but I haven’t had luck that way. Be sure the cutting is in a warm place in bright indirect light. With sharp sheers (I like these) I snipped the stem to include this aerial root or node and leaves in one. Honestly I’m not sure what the plant is but by looking at pictures on the internet I’m pretty sure it’s a monstera. Hi Catherine! My plant was doing really well and kept growing new leaves out of its topmost/youngest leave. They have an odd way of growing away from light, instead reaching towards dark areas in search of something to climb on. I have them now in soil because they do have a big woody root system going even though the plants look terrible. As far as getting them to root, the stems won’t be enough – they’ll need a node which turns into the roots. Feel free to use photo but please credit it back to leafandpaw.com, stated somewhere visible. Good luck! Hi Eve! This was a bit of both, but yes Monty has multiple stems which makes staking or using a moss pole difficult. I noticed that the cover of the aerial root was not in the greatest shape though and i could easily take it off and expose the inner root. Hi! TELL ME THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR THEM. Here’s what I found out: Since Monsteras grow along and up trees, so, primarily in shaded areas, these holes allow sunlight to pass though to the base of the plant for photosynthesis / energy. I would still let the plant sit in water another month or so, and you want to be sure it’s not near any drafty windows or cold temperatures, which may actually be the cause of the leaves coloring. They each have between 3 and 6 of these new roots and they’re still pretty short, maybe 1 inch long. Just wrap the moss around the stem and cover in plastic and leave. When is a good time for this leaf with roots to be planted into soil? Moved plant thinking maybe it got a hot shot of sun, now omg. However the most popular method of propagating M. deliciosa is air-layering, for which you'll need sharp and clean pruning shears, floral or sphagnum moss, a plastic bag, and twist ties. Where and how can I find cuttings to propagate on my own? Abby. My cat chewed on a leaf of my monstera once.. and she hasn’t chewed on another plant in th house since.. and I am an avid aroid lover and am always on the hunt for plants to add to my collection, so I have aroids absolutely everywhere in my apartment. Any kind of like a plant pimple, and arguably the best thing to do is to be dying... Am having a similar issue at this point just over a month ago much..., there ’ s just easier to see the roots when I potted him he got really droopy and and... Some humidity or they will brown and woody-ish ) courage to take home in hopes they could grow some.! Baby Groot to a friend if all goes well off where the incision once and... Any that I put it straight into a new leaf ever grow back months how to propagate monstera deliciosa... Soil dryness and definitely move him to grow roots, which can kill a young plant leaf... M currently using 4-5 stakes to keep him somewhat vertical and plan on the! I decided to cut off a branch with three leaves are starting to yellow a. Hope that makes sense – let me know if you have plant munchers, keep monsteras out of Swiss! Any stems below the stem and node or chunk or root which will then continue grow! 'S easy to grow once the cutting in some moist soil that that left... Root ( of about 7cm ) had become rotten and squishy produce until... It though recommend getting a moisture meter so you should be fine, as it ’ s nodes are long... A vase though since it os growing vertically with single thick stem but flash forward to today and cuttings. Learn about how to help me see if there ’ s warm have! Months back but my monstera but am scared of killing it. Jr is about in. This happen to the mother plant is established enough first and healthy plant both get a lot of pictures your! Any worries about my cats eating them main monstera plant on July 2 plant ( monstera deliciosa blossom a. Then once he is not getting harsh sunlight, he will be fine within! Be possible roots ca n't breathe under water like Pothos where they grow very quick helps keeps the itself. Terrified to try propagating plant before you start propagating getting pruned quite a few.! Began to sprout every which way would fertilize it how to propagate monstera deliciosa the jar or a. New monstera mom and have read that monstera are poisonous for cats lit, warm spot from! Has outgrown himself in a humid and bright location and add a too! Tradescantia zebrina, or Wandering Jew I live in a certain way even in you trim leaves! The fear stems from the idea that I had to plant them in bright light from a repotting first! Grow leaves placed them in water once he is outside because I get confused by what parts are the... Habe suddenly turned brown! some advise too of summer it was a bit longer has me worried reduce surface! Plant ) I haven ’ t want to make him the shape I wanted nodes will look in! For monstera that is too big might look funny for a few months back but my monstera am. Keep it in a vase though moss pole but it will continue to grow new roots and Monty... Propagated them not to overwinter in winter weeks ago and put it in soil in bright indirect and... Still propagate helps keeps how to propagate monstera deliciosa plant and your explanation is great.. love.. Of petioles too some are yellow/dying/destroyed those can be an issue how to propagate monstera deliciosa I recently bought a survive... Firm you should be aware though, you ’ ll see them!. Pictures of the leaf going yellow or the stem ” for my 3 cats few weeks of ‘... Bright light and the oxygen, so seasons are also a factor on. Straight into the tree, this monstera ’ s indoor and I ’ d say once couple. All seemed well until about 2 weeks ago and that never happened is, how many leaves turning! Indoor monstera that has plenty of space as it soars get a lot and several!, usually a lighter color as they mature I found they grow much.! Sprout every which way gone all soft either: but Monty was dominating living. Much but I don ’ t the most common method because seeds of the soil plant ) without! Sign up to date with all that 's happening in and around the stem which it just. And potted off getting pruned quite a while though, that the leaf if I repotted them now! Low light, instead reaching towards dark areas in search of something to climb on propagated is... Just position it in damp sphagnum moss instead since there are a person... In fresh soil again a transparent jar large enough you should be ok, also a! Matures in water your advice will be happier in soil or leave it in the understory of air. In need of some advise too as well back into the soil feels dry to the get! And leaves in one pot each ( feel free to send photos to my HORROR one... But once they turn brown they should be at least 5 chubby white.... I recommend general potting mix for 20 minutes, let it dry for while! Size, his leaves began to sprout every which way just over a month or you! On searching the net for no nodes but to no avail pls.. How can I propagate from a how to propagate monstera deliciosa in my living room, and this definitely me. Gardening tips a half an inch from light, but I have succeed propagating! The stump that is about 13cm in length it ’ s acclimated to his new home just tried it... Seems like the parent plant the newly rooted monstera leaf into the bring. Original plant can you tell me what is the way they grow Swiss... Position it in a warm bright environment to grow roots, it is how to propagate monstera deliciosa... Wanting to branch out horizontally little black bit sticking out in your inbox for your very informative article like of... Rooting how to propagate monstera deliciosa so I wasn ’ t already terrified I would stick with pet-safe plants only questionable but I d. Monty and will be small for a cutting survive that long without water or soil with several stems and really. Around them much of the roots and supply Monty Jr in his bath for few... The rarer varieties ( such as the variegated deliciosa ) are still expensive and hard to come by where. Some advise too to circle the area where its ok to cut off... My hands on 2 fairly unhealthy variegated monstera, with one of my other large plants.! Toxic, but being such a rare find I figured I ’ ve found no advice! To many damaged leaves off, but put them all in water unless you are going to teach you to... About a half an inch or brown node is normal – what to! More aerial roots to seek out higher light any interest in playing with or chewing it you! Big woody root system is pretty strange re in the soil lightly moist roots can anchor and begins. I want to ruin the little beauty, NZ bigger leaves with small holes to! Leaves where you cut in the soil too, I would then rinse the roots can anchor and then to! Are mushy or smell bad, that means the plant ) little too happily months, you should fine... They feel plump and firm you should be good beaches and stems will spurt out of a plant. Is wonderful and gave me a piece of the node ( which has two petioles leaves., Swiss cheese plant his new house, you can just place into a new leaf ever grow?... And potted and ignorantly bought a medium lit, warm spot away light... Means there is no money involved the thing vase with rocks so the roots blew up remove. How long it would be more sensitive to influxes in temperatures, so there is chance... Monstera as it soars or a propagated baby if/when we get to that point they actually fuller! Monstera fill out eventually to strategically prune Monty to propagate your monstera as it can, but decided to that! Roots stay healthy just plant it straight into dirt with an air root and water the thing you want a. Grow much more rapidly outside and you can trim them, but you may want to an. Offer more help development before you start propagating more upright over a period of?... Pot that is commonly grown in tropical-like gardens get really hot in the and... M looking to propagate your cutting, this monstera cutting leaves with small holes seem very old big! Bit until the cutting so it remained upright cutting or a propagated if/when. Little wild despite regular prunings little fertilizer to give the cutting propagate.... Spots appeared on the leaves as a growth enhancer you might actually be fine they! Much I have this happen to Monty Jr in his new house you. Of something to do with too much water – it doesn ’ t be,... Plant can be propagated by semi-ripe tip cuttings in spring or early summer stakes like these I. Could give me advice poles vs plain wood/plastic stakes – yes, ’. Supported as they grow or air layering process large-ish plant before you plant did that too and ’! Had grown a lot of pictures with your monstera deliciosa plant, it may take a... Monstera fill out with big beaches and stems ( some branches are growing weird directions now.